Please go to my personal blog, this blog is dead and gone.

idek why that fucking stupid post got so many notes a year after it was made i hate you all



don’t panic everybody

tree is confirmed for AC3DS

omfg thank god

i thought they weren’t going to be in it

(via gokkrider)


I may want to tell you guys why I haven’t been updating… My laptop broke and unfortunately it is the only computer I have that reads SD cards, so I can’t save my AC pictures on my compter any more for a little while. Please hold out for a week or so, I’ll get right to updating again when my laptop is fixed. I can still do text posts and answer messages from this old desktop, so go ahead and throw some my way if you want!


A coffee a day keeps the sleep away!

That’s not quite how you do it.

Aw, Sable.